Air Connectors in Inflatable Seals

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Inflatable seal

Inflatable sealing solution to avoid spreading of metal dust

Environmental demands are becoming stricter, and rightly so. To avoid spreading of dust into environment or surroundings,.
Inflatable seal used in African mine

High pressure inflatable sealing solution for safety door in mine 500 metres below surface

In an African mine, a safety door was built about 500 metres below surface to protect the.
Roller bearing seals

Offshore roller bearing seals

Most roller bearing are only able to keep out some dust. The seals of such roller bearings.
Pic by Bert Kaufmann, CC BY 2.0, no changes

Inflatable Seal Maintenance Solution for World’s Largest Storm Surge Barrier

With a length of 9 kilometers, the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier is the largest in the world.