Offshore roller bearing seals

Roller bearing seals

Roller bearing seals before installationMost roller bearing are only able to keep out some dust. The seals of such roller bearings tend to be low cost and low lifespan because these bearings aren’t made to withstand all forces working on them, such as seawater, UV light and Ozone.

One can imagine that fast degradation is far from ideal when the bearing is essential to the operation of the platform.

Roller bearing seals after installation

As these are all conditions of significant importance in offshore applications like cranes and cable sleeves, we at Advanced Sealing Technology developed a new generation of seals that are resistant to all such environmental conditions. Our new seals last up to 10 times longer than original seals.

We have a complete series of dimensions that will fit every brand and every situation.

When necessary, we install the seals for you to avoid damage to the bearings or seals. For more information, please contact us.