Inflatable seals

Inflatable seals

Experience the power of inflatable seals, the pinnacle of sealing technology, at Advanced Sealing Technology. As a leading manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our in-house production capabilities that allow us to deliver customized inflatable seals tailored to your specific needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled engineering team ensure precision and quality throughout the entire production process. From design to manufacturing, our dedicated team utilizes advanced techniques and cutting-edge materials to create inflatable seals that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. With our in-house production capabilities, we have full control over the manufacturing process, enabling us to provide timely and cost-effective solutions for even the most complex sealing challenges. Partner with us and discover the unmatched capabilities of our in-house production for your inflatable seal needs.

Inflatable Seal Design

Explore what factors to consider when designing inflatable seals to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and reliable sealing .

Inflatable Seal Production

Explore our state-of-the-art production facility equipped with advanced technologies and skilled craftsmanship to manufacture high-quality inflatable seals with precision and efficiency.

Configure Your Seal In 3D

Explore our user-friendly configurator to design and customize your inflatable seal, and receive a direct quote and CAD file for seamless integration into your project.

Standard Profiles

a 3D render of 1010 Stem Flat-Top Profile
1010 Stem Flat-Top Profile
a 3D render of 1011 Stem teeth top
1011 Stem teeth top
a 3D render of 1020 Castellated Square Profile
1020 Castellated Square Profile
a 3D render of 1021 Castellated Sharp profile
1021 Castellated Sharp profile
a 3D render of 1022 Castellated Flat profile
1022 Castellated Flat profile
1030 Frogleg plain profile
1030 Frogleg plain profile
a 3D render of 1031 Frogleg crown profile
1031 Frogleg crown profile
a 3D render of 1032 Snap-in Frogleg Crown profile
1032 Snap-in Frogleg Crown profile
a 3D render of 1033 Snap-in Frogleg Plain profile
1033 Snap-in Frogleg Plain profile
a 3D render of 1041 Flat O-ring profile
1041 Flat O-ring profile
a 3D render of 1042 Flat O-ring profile + Pad Profile
1042 Flat O-ring profile + Pad Profile
a 3D render of 1050 Rectangular profile
1050 Rectangular profile
a 3D render of 1060 Scissor Standard profile
1060 Scissor Standard profile
a 3D render of 1061 Scissor Pad
1061 Scissor Pad
a 3D render of 1070 small ID sealing
1070 small ID sealing
a 3D render of 1071 small OD sealing
1071 small OD sealing
a 3D render of 1080 Bread profile
1080 Bread profile
1090 (FMC) Spring Filled O-Ring
1090 (FMC) Spring Filled O-Ring

Standard Materials

Discover our range of high-quality standard materials, carefully selected for their excellent performance and durability in inflatable seals.

Standard Materials

AST offers a wide range of high-quality materials for inflatable seals. Our selection includes EPDM, NBR, silicone, and fabric-reinforced options. These materials are carefully chosen for their superior sealing properties and durability. Whether you need excellent temperature resistance, chemical resistance, or reliable sealing performance, our inflatable sealing materials are designed to meet your requirements.

We utilize high-quality EPDM materials in the production of inflatable seals. Our EPDM inflatable seals are designed to provide excellent weather resistance and ozone resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance in outdoor applications. With AST's expertise in seal design and manufacturing, you can trust our EPDM inflatable seals to deliver reliable sealing solutions for your specific needs. Below you can find our standard compounds for inflatable seals:

EPDM 60 - General Purpose
EPDM 60 - FDA Compliant 
EPDM 70 - General Purpose

Our silicone materials are renowned for their high-temperature resistance, low-temperature flexibility, and excellent electrical insulation properties. At AST, we leverage these unique characteristics to produce silicone inflatable seals that can withstand extreme temperature ranges and provide reliable sealing performance. With our expertise in silicone seal manufacturing, you can count on AST to deliver top-quality inflatable seals tailored to your specific requirements.

VMQ 60 - General Purpose
VMQ 60 - High Tear Strength
VMQ 60 - High Temperature
VMQ 60 - FDA Approved
VMQ 60 - High-pressure steam


AST's NBR materials are carefully selected for their combination of oil and fuel resistance and flexibility, making them an ideal choice for applications that involve contact with oils, fuels. NBR is a material often used for inflatable seals in the Offshore & drilling industry

NBR 70 - General Purpose
NBR 80 - General Purpose
NBR 90 - General Purpose

AST excels in producing fabric-reinforced inflatable seals using a wide range of high-quality materials. We utilize durable fabrics such as:

  1. Dacron: A strong and resilient fabric often used in fabric-reinforced inflatable seals for enhanced tear resistance and dimensional stability.
  2. Kevlar: A high-strength synthetic fiber known for its exceptional tensile strength and resistance to impact and abrasion, commonly used in fabric reinforcements for inflatable seals.
  3. Other advanced textiles: AST leverages a range of innovative materials to reinforce rubber, such as Aramid fibers, Polyester fabrics, or Nylon, to provide added strength and durability to inflatable seals.

These fabric reinforcements enhance the strength, tear resistance, and dimensional stability of the inflatable seals, ensuring reliable sealing performance in demanding applications. With AST's expertise in fabric-reinforced seal manufacturing, you can trust our inflatable seals to deliver exceptional durability and longevity, even in challenging environments.

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