1021 Castellated Sharp profile

a 3D render of 1021 Castellated Sharp profile


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1021 Castellated Sharp profile

The 1021 series, part of the high-pressure profile family, is engineered to deliver exceptional performance under high-pressure conditions. This profile is designed to work well in all expansion direction configurations, making it a versatile choice for a broad range of applications.

One of the key features of the 1021 series is its ability to withstand high pressures while requiring a relatively low gap. This makes it particularly suitable for applications where the sealing surfaces are closely spaced and have low tolerances. Despite its high-pressure capabilities, the 1021 profile offers limited expansion, which is a critical factor to consider when selecting the right seal for specific applications.

The potential for expansion with the 1021 series increases with its size and width. This allows for a degree of customization to meet specific sealing requirements. The profile is typically either glued into the groove at the bottom of the seal or designed slightly larger for a press-fit into the groove. This flexibility in installation methods ensures a secure and effective seal.

The 1021 high-pressure profile is commonly used in situations requiring a durable and reliable seal under high-pressure conditions. Its ability to operate effectively with a low gap and limited expansion makes it an ideal choice for applications where the sealing surfaces are not far apart.

In summary, the 1021 high-pressure profile is a robust and adaptable choice for high-pressure applications. Its versatility in expansion direction configurations, coupled with its customizable expansion capabilities, makes it a reliable solution for a wide range of sealing needs.

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