1032 Snap-in Frogleg Crown profile

a 3D render of 1032 Snap-in Frogleg Crown profile


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1032 Snap-in Frogleg Crown profile

The 1032 series, also known as the Snap-In Frogleg profile, is designed for applications where a large gap needs to be bridged and easy maintenance and replacement are key considerations. This profile is ideally used in axial and radial out applications, making it a versatile choice for a variety of sealing situations.

One of the defining characteristics of the 1032 Snap-In Frogleg profile is its ability to bridge large gaps, similar to the standard Frogleg profiles. However, what sets the 1032 series apart is its design to be snapped into a machined groove. This feature allows for easier maintenance and replacement of the seals without the need to remove any glue, making it a practical choice for applications that require frequent seal changes or inspections.

The expansion capabilities of the 1032 series scale with its symmetrical size, allowing for customization to meet specific sealing requirements. A key consideration when selecting a Snap-In Frogleg profile is the ratio between its width and height. You always want at least a 6:4 or 4:6 ratio to ensure optimal performance.

In summary, the 1032 Snap-In Frogleg profile is a robust and adaptable choice for applications where large gaps need to be bridged, and easy maintenance is a priority. Its versatility in axial and radial out applications, coupled with its customizable expansion capabilities and snap-in design, makes it a reliable and practical solution for a wide range of sealing needs.

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