1070 small ID sealing

a 3D render of 1070 small ID sealing


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1070 small ID sealing

The 1070 series, also known as the Small ID Sealing Cassette, is an inflatable seal solution designed specifically for small diameters. This profile maintains a standard inside construction, while the outer part can be completely customized to fit the customer’s application.

One of the key features of the 1070 series is its easy deflation, matching its inflation capabilities. This makes it a practical choice for applications that require frequent changes in seal pressure. Despite its compact design, the 1070 profile is a low-pressure seal that requires small extrusion gaps, making it suitable for applications with low pressure differences.

The 1070 series can be made from a variety of materials to suit specific application needs. Factors such as durability, flexibility, and environmental conditions are taken into account when selecting the appropriate material. Customers can select their preferred material or request assistance to determine the best material for their application.

In summary, the 1070 Small ID Sealing Cassette profile is a versatile and adaptable choice for applications requiring a seal for small diameters. Its easy deflation, low-pressure capabilities, and customizable outer part make it a reliable solution for a wide range of sealing needs.

Please select your material or ask for assistance for your application.