Our Process

Having done many projects over the years you can rest assure your project is in good hands with us. Here’s an overview of the steps we take during a project.

Step 1: Planning And Development

Having discussed your ideas and plans, we will respond with a clear proposal. If you agree to the proposal, we’ll directly start planning your project. What is needed when? How will we concretely fill things in?  We’ll start planning and ordering the resources and time to make the most of your project. Our plans will be forwarded for you to check and agree upon. Once you agree, we’ll move to phase two: manufacturing, assembly and installation.

Step 2: Manufacturing, Assembly And Installation

We often produce needed sealings and bearings ourselves. Having all demands, sizes and dimensions clear in images, we will start producing identical sealings and bearings. If for some projects already third party  bearings and/or seals would do perfectly as well, we will not waste your time and money by producing the needed materials ourselves. We will however check each and every aspect of a seal or bearing of a third party to make sure it’s identical to the quality we ourselves can produce.

The ready seals and bearings we either ship to you, or install for you on location. The latter is often done if installation is not easy and faulty installation may harm the sealing.

Step 3: Inspection And Testing

Having installed the sealing and/or bearings, it’s time to start running your processes. We will then carefully inspect and test whether the seals do their job perfectly. If needed we will directly correct where needed, and we won’t leave you without a 100% working seal or bearing. 




Step 4: Service And Maintenance

Often after a certain period of time there’s another inspection and test of how well the seal or bearing behaves. Some clients have us come by once a year to prevent any unnecessary downtime. By inspecting the seal regularly we will in time see if it needs replacement so when it does we will have your new seal already produced and in stock for you, thereby realizing minimum downtime.