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Structural leakage, unacceptable lifespan, you get used to everything. If leaks etc. continue long enough, it will eventually be accepted. Yet these are hidden costs of size within companies or organizations. Discuss the possibilities for improvement with us.

 Also, if you have a project where seals play a leading role, but you want to keep your independence for your later purchasing process, we’re here to help.


Our project approach

1. Inventory problems & challenges

Together with you, we make an inventory of the nature of the problems or the expected challenges.

2. Action plan

We draw up an action plan and submit it to you for approval.

3. Inventory parameters

We make an inventory of all available parameters.

4. Design and simulation

We design and simulate where possible.

5. Test samples and testing

We produce test samples and, if desired, perform tests.

6. Installation and testing

We install your sealing solution and test your application

7. Implementation and approval

We implement your seals and ask you for your approval.

8. Completion

Completion of the project, including transfer of IP rights

Project related services

We offer the following project related services:

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