RLC versatile hydraulic cylinder seals

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RLC versatile hydraulic cylinder seals

Seals are particular exposed to pressure, friction and temperature. Our aim is to design and make seals or sealing systems that perform optimal for all these parameters. Following from these parameters is wear, extrusion etc. Our materials are low friction and wear resistant. When applying the right surface parameters in combination with seal type and materials, we are able to supply a very wear and extrusion resistant sealing system for almost all applications.

Below you can find an overview of sealing and bearing materials. Please select the suitable material for your application. When you have any difficulties with selection of a material, contact your AST representative.

Sealing surfaces are very much known for influencing the wear, extrusion and the leakage rate for a sealing system. When applying our sealing systems, please follow our specifications.  You will find these specifications through the schedule below.

RLC is a single working rod seal with corner reinforcement. This seal is able to take relatively high pressure from one side only. The back pumping effect is worse than RL type because of the very close contact of the corner reinforcement with the rod. It is only used in hydraulic systems. It can also be used in other fluids. It can be used in tandem systems as a primary seal but will need a pressure relieve channel in between the seals.

Max. Velocity is 5 m/s also depending on the material used and the medium it is working in. It can be used on metallic rod materials or on ceramic rod coatings when applying the right compounds. For High density rod materials such as Inconel and Duplex, please ask you AST representative for our possibilities.


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