Rotary / Rotation seals


Rotary / Rotation seals

Rotary (shaft) seals are used to hold liquid lubricants in place and to prevent mud and water from entering. Used in applications with oscillating or rotating movements, these seals provide perfect resistance to wear, extend service life and improve long-term performance.

Advanced Sealing Technology offers a wide range of rotary seals, including the very best radial lip seal, which are also produced in-house.

Our special rotary and linear seals are used in multiple ways, not just to seal liquids.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of our Rotation Seals, please feel free to contact us or request a no-obligation quote below.

a 3D render of GT1
a 3D render of GT2
a 3D render of GT3
a 3D render of GT4
a 3D render of HSR
a 3D render of HSR pressed
HSR pressed
a 3D render of SG1
a 3D render of SG3