AST offers customized inflatable seals, hatch, and door solutions for the super yacht industry, ensuring impeccable performance and safety.


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AST - Your Trusted Partner in Super Yacht Sealing Solutions

As a leading provider of specialized sealing solutions, AST prides itself on delivering high-quality inflatable seals for the super yacht industry. Our products are designed with the unique needs of yacht builders and hatch/door manufacturers in mind, offering impeccable performance and safety.

Customized Inflatable Seals for Superior Performance

At AST, we understand the crucial role that inflatable seals play in ensuring the safety and efficiency of a super yacht’s operation. Our seals are not just parts; they are a promise of security and superior quality, offering unmatched resistance to wear and tear. Designed to ensure a perfect air seal every time, our inflatable seals are the ideal choice for watertight door and hatch systems.

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Sealing Solutions for Hatch and Door Applications

AST’s inflatable seals are used extensively in hatch and door applications in super yachts. They provide a reliable air seal, ensuring a leak-free and secure environment. Our inflatable gaskets are designed to withstand the challenging marine conditions, contributing to the overall durability and safety of the yacht.

Pneumatic Seals for High-End Vessels

Our pneumatic seals are another popular choice for super yacht manufacturers. They offer excellent flexibility and durability, making them an ideal choice for a range of applications, including hydraulic systems and hatch/door sealing.

With AST, you're not just choosing a supplier; you're partnering with a team of dedicated experts committed to your success. We work closely with yacht builders and hatch/door manufacturers to develop sealing solutions that meet their specific needs. Our shorter lead times, competitive pricing, and dedicated customer service set us apart in the industry. Trust AST for your super yacht sealing needs, and experience the difference in quality and service.

Our inflatable seals go beyond meeting the stringent standards of the super yacht industry. Engineered for resilience in demanding marine environments, our seals ensure watertight integrity in critical applications like hull doors, transom doors, and moon pool hatches.

AST's commitment to innovation drives our product development. We continuously research and implement advancements in materials and design, providing super yacht manufacturers with cutting-edge inflatable gaskets and seals that offer enhanced longevity and performance.

Our pneumatic seals are designed for flawless operation under the dynamic conditions on a super yacht. From hatch seals to hydraulic system components, these seals offer superior performance, ensuring seamless operation and peace of mind for yacht owners and operators.

At AST, we understand the super yacht industry's move towards sustainability. Our seals contribute to this by reducing maintenance needs and enhancing energy efficiency, supporting environmentally-friendly yachting without compromising on performance or luxury.