Advanced Sealing Technology has served many industries, a selection of which you find here

Examples of industries we serve

Hydraulic cilinders
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Hydraulic / Cilinders

We know how important it is to use excellent quality hydraulic seals. Those that fail can cost a lot of money and time. Hydraulic applications demand the utmost from seals.
Sealing super yachts
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Megayachts are popular these days. Advanced Sealing Technology has become a large manufacturer of (inflatable) seals for e.g. the sealing of sliding doors and latches in the yachting industry.
Beer brewery seals

Food industry

Both our standard and customized seals help lower downtime and the risk of contamination in the food industry. Our various options increase availability of your machinery, thereby minimizing expensive maintenance.
Offshore seals
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Many applications and harsh environments typify the offshore oil and gas industry. We've got the seals and sealing solutions to resist these challenging demands.
Cranes hoisting seals
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Cranes are essential in many industries but must work harder than ever before. Crane breakdown results in unplanned and costly downtime. We offer sealing solutions for all kinds of cranes that raise uptime, boost productivity and improve safety.
Chemicals seals
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Seals in the chemical industry have to resist aggressive fluids, dangerous and pollutant liquids, but also need to withstand very high temperatures. Therefore, the reliability of sealing solutions systems must be upper class.